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KOOP-AM Homepage

Welcome to the KOOP-AM homepage! If you're wondering what this station is about, then stay tuned... because the KOOP-AM history is coming right up!


KOOP-AM started out with a predecessor called Radio Free Cheney, which was an audio portion of Eastern Washington University's cable station in Cheney, Washington. However, back in 1990, Cheney's cable company and the university got into some heated arguments concerning installing cable television in the school's residence halls. The end result: the cable company pulled the cable station, and with that, Radio Free Cheney went off the air. In 1991, a Radio-Television student named Shannon Muir looked into the possibility of starting a closed-circuit radio station that would broadcast to the residence halls; she conducted a survey, and pitched a proposal to the student government. The original proposal called for the station to be run by the Radio-Television department, and that it would be a place where students could earn credits while learning about radio. However, the project cost more than the department had anticipated, so the student government stepped in and took over the project, thereby leaving it under the jurisdiction of the student government. In 1992, KOOP-AM went on the air, and it managed to stay on the air until the June of 1995, when the student government decided to cut all funding for KOOP-AM.

So, as you can tell from above, the station is no longer on the air. So you may be asking yourself right about now, WHY DID SHE START A WEB PAGE FOR A STATION THAT NO LONGER EXISTS? The answer to this is easy: I consider this page to be a tribute to something that was a major part of my life for a couple of years, and ended up having a major impact on my life as well.

I first started working at the station during the fall of 1993. I started a program called Totally Classic '80's, which featured the pop hits of the 1980s. This show lasted from October 1993-June 1995, thereby earning it the "award" for the longest-running show on KOOP-AM.

During the spring of 1994, my older sister Shannon and I started a show called Very Recent '90's, which featured the hits of the current decade, as well as some songs that "should've been" hits. Also featured in the program during that quarter was ROCK-THE-KOOP BABY; this is when Shannon put on a baby voice and played the character of Rock-the-KOOP Baby. If you'd like to hear Rock-the-KOOP Baby, click on the link. Shannon and I did this show together for one quarter; she left the show after that, but I continued doing the show on my own from September 1994-June 1995. However, during the fall of 1994 (September-November), Shannon and I did one final show together called Really Retro '70's; Rock-the-KOOP Baby was also featured in this show, but during the finale show, her true identity was revealed. During the 1994-1995 school year, not only was I a disc jockey -- I was also the station's promotions director.

A "farewell message" that was written as a protest against the shutting down of KOOP-AM is now available. If you'd like to read it, click on the link.

Shannon Muir has written an "Open letter to the Internet community" concerning KOOP-AM. Click on the link if you would like to read it.

If you'd like to read the copy for promotional spots that aired on the station for some of the shows, click on the link.

There, I hope that was enough about the history of the station and my involvement about KOOP-AM. If you feel anything is missing, please email me at

Before I end this page, I'm providing links to the homepages of programs that aired on KOOP-AM...