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What follows is an excerpt from a protest letter/farewell message we
posted around campus in early June 1995 when we heard KOOP-AM 
might fall to the ax of student government.  Now, we are putting
the farewell portion of the message on the Web, to remember all those we
worked with and hope that their experience were as great as ours.

With the advent of new technologies, we worry that college radio may
be a "dying breed" -- seen as old and antiquated in the face of other
forms of communication.  But radio can do things no other medium 
can.   By bringing us information taken in only through our ears, it
challenges us to stretch our minds and use our imaginations, done
with intimacy and immediacy.  That's a powerful thing.

May people learn from situations like KOOP-AM before it's too late...

As both of us have been involved with KOOP-AM at various stages between its inception in 1991 through today, we wanted to give recognition to the people that we've worked with. Without them, there never would have been a KOOP-AM. We know this list is not complete, and if anyone has been left out, we want you to know we thank you as well. The staff of KOOP-AM over the years has included: Dan Aeschliman Yukari Baba Todd Barkes Gerald Barnhart Troy Berglund Bret Boyer Ben Briggs Josephine Brunetto Jim Burgess Troy Campbell Chris Carder Jamie Carter Terence Chang Nacs Chicens Mike Christensen Kerry Cochran Angie Coleman Lee Cook Matt Dean Kerri Downs Danele Ducharme Gary Ealy Karla Ealy Andre Earvin Ben Ecle Max Erikson Melissa Foreman Jay Graham Bryan Hagan Justin Hallstrom Jon Haman Jason Hammond Jon Hansen Mark Harris Rob Harris Steve Hetzel Daphne Ho Carrie Hsieh Joe Hylkema Chiyoko Ishihara Walter Isom Arpi Kadarkay Scott Kittilstved Allen Klahn Rob Koehler Grant Kummeron Dawna Lamfers Peter Lech Harry Leons John Lewis Koichiro Mabashi Mike Macris Jon Maland Tim Mattson Mark McQuaig Ben Meader Jeff Milbourn Patrick Morgan Matt Nau Josh Neilson Selena Nichols Kevin Oaks Sam Ogden Toshifumi Oshio Matt Parrish Matt Pemberton Amber Perry Michael Pinault Aaron Pogue Dan Powler Molly Price Joel Ricci Dan Rosey Aimee Sanders Dave Schuerman Sadie Sherburn Jim Sinnott Grahame Skelly Troy Smoldon Renee Southerland Amy Townsend Mike Tschetter Matt Tracy Kris Troup Allison Wilke Shane Wilson Bruce Wood Ron Yager Mickel Yantz and "International Affairs Program" hosts Abraham and Shawn Best wishes to you all, Lesley Muir Shannon Muir Promotions Director, KOOP-AM Co-Founder, KOOP-AM