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Welcome to the Dream Attack HomePage!


I *DO* know that the radio station doesn't exist any more and hasn't existed for a while. Hell, I'm the one that put that information up here. :) Why do I still have this section up here? Well, good question. It's kinda as a testament to something that was. Think of this now more as a monument to the past than anything else.

Here you will find all kinds of information about a radio show you will never be able to listen to - since the student government at my school has decided to cut the funding for the station. Oh well. :)

Dream Attack aired almost every Tuesday night from 6 to 9 pm. I play a variety of "Alternative" music. Information about some of my favorite artists to play can be found through links on my music page.

To make this page have *ANY* purpose whatsoever, I have provided links here to the logs for the 9 shows that were done under the name of Dream Attack. And one last note... any song marked with an asterisk (*) means that it was a Dream Attack exclusive. These are generally re-edits of songs that I do myself. You'll catch on fast.

Yes, KOOP died. And it was not a pleasant experience. Let's just say that the Associated Students of Eastern Washington University (ASEWU) had decided at some point that they didn't want us anymore. So, the ASEWU found a way to get rid of us, and that they did. Though they had over $50,000 in supplemental monies, they could not see it as plausible to fund us. But I am keeping this section of my Web page open. I just won't be adding to it any more. It's sad that KOOP had to die in this manner, but things like that happen on occassion. At least no one can say that we didn't try to save it.

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